Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, Computer Science with 5 years’ experience in a job title with similar duties and skills:

DUTIES:  Implement Mobile App using Java, JavaScript, JSON, Hadoop, Solaris, React Native for Mobile App, XCode, HTTPS with TLS, Secure File Transfer using Connect Direct & Tectia & Open SSH on WinSCP; Manage, implement Rewards System using Java, JavaScript, Weblogic, Oracle 9i, RTC, JIRA; Test Mobile App using JMeter Mobile App Testing Tool & measure performance & implement xml query optimizations; Develop Unix shell scripts to automate Java jobs to run from ZENA job scheduler & implement through Rational Team Concert (RTC),JIRA, HPSM; Participate in code reviews with developers; Manage the Weblogic SSL, IIS, Oracle HTTPS SSL certification renewals; Implement Sterling Connect Direct server for the SFTP from internal network to external network; Develop windows scripts for SSH file transfer using WinSCP; Rewrite legacy HTMP pages to JSP pages by using Java Scripts and implement using HPSM, HPQC; Support Loyalty Management System (LMS) using J2EE components, Jrun 4 application server & SQL database using waterfall methodology; Use .NET framework, Internet Information Service (IIS) and SQL Server database. Skills: Java, JavaScript, JSON, Hadoop, Solaris, React Native for Mobile App, Weblogic, Oracle 9i, JIRA, Unix shell scripts, JMeter, HTMP, JSP & J2EE. Must be willing to travel and/or relocate to work in unanticipated locations throughout the US. No Telecommuting. Send resume to Noetic Information Systems LLC, 5776 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite: 255, Pleasanton, CA-94588

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