Real-time Data Analysis

Data must have established standards and rules and should be created via a designed workflow and validation process to ensure consistency throughout the application. Ideally, the data is cleansed, consolidated, standardized, duplicates verified, and enriched with content at the point of creation.

PNS Technologies offers to do all this and more right at the point of creation, which subsequently affects many facets of reporting and analysis. We provide scalable data governance services that utilize the best practice for data migration templates for validation. Our proprietary data dictionary for material taxonomy can cleanse and enrich the description and add value to the governance process.

With our Real-Time Governance Service, you can:

  • Ensure data quality at the point of capture/creation
  • Improve the effectiveness of all downstream data operations
  • Reduce overall system maintenance by identifying defects early
  • Ensure immediate compliance with corporate data standards
  • Allow prompt feedback of data errors at the time of the creation
  • Eliminate proliferation of defective data