Database design and support

We can tame the wildest database, help create the reports you need, and make sure your people can get to the business information critical for their success. We can also make sure critical information is protected from unauthorized use.

We work mainly with SQL, Access, and FoxPro, but have expertise in other database formats as well. We also maintain a current list of database developers working locally, who work with more exotic programming platforms. If we can't do it, we know someone who can!

We also provide database systems to run web applications, like Shopping Carts, Login Services, and Sales Applications. We also:

  • Create web-based programs that query existing databases for current information
  • Set up Executive Information "dashboards", giving users a graphical representation of sales, production, inventory, and more
  • Create customized reports using Crystal Reports, Access Report Writer, or SQL Reporting Tools
  • Create database-driven programs that handle sales, inventory, transactions, or a variety of other internal functions
  • Help with retail ("canned") database systems that are not set up correctly, or need to be modified to support new business needs